Virginia Cops pepper-spray Black lieutenant during a pullover on a gas station

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Disturbing video from a body camera in Virginia has just made its way to the news media. The 6-minute video is from a disturbing event that occurred on December 5. It reveals two white officers are arresting Second Lieutenant Caron Nazario, who is Afro-Latino. The Lieutenant traveled home in his new car U.S. Route 460, when a patrol vehicle flashes its lights behind his car. That’s when the body camera video starts rolling.

As soon as the cops pulled over Lieutenant’s car at a gas station, The officer immediately jumped out of their vehicle and pulled out their guns. Nazario positions his cellphone device on his car’s dashboard and starts filming what takes place. “Put your hands outside the window,” a police officer yells.

The same cop yells at Nazario repeatedly, “get out of the car!” But Nazario, who is in a military dressing, doesn’t move and tries to speak to the police to determine why was he stopped.

“I’m serving this country, and this is how I’m treated?” Nazario asks. “Well, guess what? I’m a veteran too, and I learned how to obey,” the officer replies.

“I’m honestly afraid to get out,” Lieutenant says while he’s putting his hands in the air within the officer’s view.

“Yeah, you should be,” the police officers response. Lieutenant Nazario knows his rights as a Virginia citizen and repeatedly asks why the officer pulled him over, but unfortunately, things worsen. According to the rights, Nazario does not move out from his car during this one of the officer’s pepper spray his eyes. As he can barely see, they proceed to unlock his front door and then drag him out on the ground. The body camera and cellphone footage show the cop pushing his knee into him while he is on the ground. “This is fucked up,” the Lieutenant says again and again. “This is fucked up.”

These officers are facing a lawsuit. Nazario has hired attorney Johnathon Arthur who filed the suit against the officers on April 2. Nazario claims that both police officers of Windsor, Joe Gutierrez, and Daniel Crocker, violated his constitutional rights under the Fourth and Fifth Amendments.

According to police, the pullover of Nazario’s SUV was conducted due to it not having rear license plate. However, according to the suit the car was new and according to the court records – temporary tags were attached inside his rear window.

“He’s a sworn member of the United States Army,” attorney Arthur stated. He swore an oath to help and support The United States from all enemies foreign and domestic —and the way these officers behaved, this implicates the oath that he takes.”

Attorney Arthur also stated that Lieutenant also claims that police pulled him because he is a black man. He believes that this lawsuit will send a good message to other rogue police officers, “that this type of behavior will not be tolerated.”

This article was penned by Jonathan P. Wright. You can read more of Jonathan P. Wright’s work in the Editorial Picks section.


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