To prevent racist abuse on social media, Idris Elba believes all users should be verified

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In response to cyberbullying and racial rhetoric, Idris Elba proposes a proposed solution. A statement from the actor was released on Sunday (July 18) detailing how internet trolls can be held accountable. 

According to Elba, verified users on social media are famous people. “As part of the verification process, they must prove their IDENTITY, so it is clear who is speaking. ALL USERS SHOULD BE OBLIGED TO DO THIS BY SOCIAL MEDIA COMPANIES.” 

Social media platforms currently allow non-verified accounts to exist, he said, making it similar to “boarding a plane without presenting your identification.” 

Elba said that if cowards are empowered by privacy and secrecy, social media cannot be trusted to keep them safe. The aircraft allows travelers to wear balaclavas during flight. It’s better to say your name than your username, if you are going to spout racial rhetoric.” 

It is no secret that celebrity trolls often target celebrities on social media. As a rule, stars have to choose between responding to naysayers and individuals with characters as their profile photos. 

Cori Broadus, for example, took to Instagram earlier this month to straighten out all critics who body shamed her for her size. 

As she wrote in an IG story, “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with my shit just big fuck y’all be annoying on here.”. “‘Oh she’s too big, oh she’s too skinny, oh she’s this, oh she’s that’…Embrace what you have and shut the fuck up!” 

In addition, LeBron James addressed general complaints about his new film, Space Jam: A New Legacy. After learning that the movie was the No. 1 movie in the US on Saturday (July 17), he tweeted, “Hi haters.”. 


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