The publisher of tell-all book parted ways with police officer’s shooting of Breonna Taylor

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Jonathan Mattingly, the former Louisville Metro Police (LMPD) sergeant who shot Breonna Taylor, has parted ways with the publisher who was going to publish his book detailing the shooting of Taylor. 

Mattingly published an opinion piece on Tuesday (Aug. 17) in the Courier-Journal explaining why he would no longer be publishing his book with Post Hill Press. After much consideration, I have concluded it is best that I explore other options for my book.” he wrote. “Post Hill Press has been immensely supportive and helpful,” he wrote. 

It was previously reported that Mattingly would reportedly be writing a book this fall titled “The Fight For Truth: The Inside Story Behind the Breonna Taylor Tragedy.”. Although Simon & Schuster received backlash for distributing the book, they declined to distribute it. 

Despite not specifying why he is no longer working for Post Hill Press, the retired sergeant said that he is not the only one to have his job canceled in the publishing business. As Mattingly wrote, “I am not the first person whose work has been canceled by publishers for opposing the ‘woke’ narrative.” Simon & Schuster canceled the book by Senator Josh Hawley earlier this year. Furthermore, the company’s employees demanded that the company never publish another author linked to the Trump administration again. 

Additionally, he attempted to clear up what happened on the night Taylor was shot and killed in her own home in March 2020 in the op-ed. 

“My side of the story is completely opposite to that which you have heard in the media,” the retired sergeant wrote. It is they who wish to make you believe I was one of the officers who had barged into Breonna’s apartment and killed her while she was sleeping. It could not be further from the truth, and I also learned pretty fast that local government officials and the media are trying to keep the truth from coming out. 


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