The deputy who shot Isiah Brown has been indicted on a felony charge

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The grand jury indicted the Virginia sheriff’s deputy, David Turbyfill, on Thursday (July 15) on a felony charge of reckless handling of a firearm in connection with Isiah Brown’s shooting in April. Brown’s lawyer said Turbyfill shot him eight times outside his home in Spotsylvania County. 

The charge of reckless handling of a firearm usually carries a misdemeanor charge, according to officials. But Turbyfill has been charged with felony crimes because of Brown’s significant injuries. Sheriff’s department administration has placed him on leave. 

Brown’s attorney, David Haynes, in an announcement following the indictment said that the late deputy, David Turbyfill, has been indicted for second-degree murder based on a special grand jury’s indictment. 

“Mr. Brown was severely injured by the shooting, which will undoubtedly affect him the rest of his life,” he added. 

Turbyfill gave 32-year-old Brown, a Black man, a ride because his car broke down the night of the shooting. Following Brown’s arrival at home, the white deputy, who was dropping him off, was called back after Brown called 911 reporting a disagreement with his brother. 

When Brown called the dispatcher, he told her “I’m about to kill my brother”, but he claimed to be unarmed. 

“Somebody needs to come here real quick,” he added. 

Even though Brown went unarmed, Turbyfill yelled at him to “drop the gun.” No matter this, the man raised his hands and Turbyfill shouted “drop the gun”. As Turbyfill fired several shots, Brown was still talking with his dispatcher and standing outside his home. The deputy immediately started CPR on Brown, who was then taken to a hospital. 

This incident is under investigation by the Virginia State Police Bureau of Criminal Investigation. 

We are calling for the abolition of Deputy David Turbyfill without delay. Likewise, we are requesting a copy of all audio communication between the deputy and the dispatcher and video of the scene, in addition to Turbyfill’s personnel file and employment record,” Brown’s lawyer said following the indictment. 

“When Isiah Brown crossed paths with David Turbyfill, his life completely changed. This indictment does not eliminate Mr. Brown’s physical pain, but it does serve as a measure of justice,” he said. “We look forward to David Turbyfill’s successful prosecution.” 



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