Settlement agreement for $6 million paid to family of mentally ill man killed by California police

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A six-million-dollar settlement has been reached on behalf of the family of a mentally ill man who died at the hands of Pleasanton police. ABC reports that the gesture from the Bay Area city averts a lawsuit that was recently filed by Jacob Bauer’s family. 

In August 2018, Bauer was subdued inside a store by officers who responded to reports of erratic behavior exhibited by a man talking to himself, breaking bottles, and acting erratically. When the cops approached him, he initially cooperated with them, but soon stopped and blank stared at them. According to the suit, he was handcuffed, tackled, tased and punched as he lay on his side. 

Bauer complained about being unable to breathe after up to eight cops put him in a full-body wrap and spit mask during the struggle. The paramedics were called after he became unconscious. Emergency responders administered sedatives to him but were unable to see him for eight minutes afterward, according to a coroner’s report. At a nearby hospital, he was pronounced dead. 

The parents of Bauer, John and Rose Bauer, filed a lawsuit in June against Pleasanton and its police department after they accused the latter of violating their son’s constitutional rights. They’ve settled a lawsuit over $6 million with the city nearly two years later. 

Reports state that the settlement permanently closes the civil case and prevents the Bauers from pursuing similar litigation in the future. In addition to a listening session, they met with Pleasanton Police Chief David Swing, who explained that the act “does not constitute or imply an admission of responsibility or fault by (the) defendants or any employee of the city.” Despite having been cleared of wrongdoing, all the officers have denied all allegations brought against them. He stated. 

He was reportedly met on several occasions by his parents who were concerned that their mentally ill son would be killed by Pleasanton police officers before he died. It is hoped that this conversation can be continued to address the treatment officers give to those suffering from mental health issues. 

A parent should never have the nightmare of seeing someone they love die violently, Rose said in a statement. Jacob died because of a few broken bottles at a grocery store. In addition to stopping the excessive use of force against mentally ill people, I hope this settlement creates real changes.” 

“We have been given the opportunity to meet with the Pleasanton police chief directly so that we can discuss and implement vital policy changes that help the mentally ill when they are approached by the police,” John said. 


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