See first mugshots of Derek Chauvin since his sentencing

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Several new photographs of Derek Chauvin have been released in the wake of his sentencing. The ex-Minneapolis officer was captured in these photographs on June 28, five days after being sentenced to death for the murder of the late George Floyd. 

In addition to serving a 22-and-a-half-year prison sentence, Chauvin was charged with third-degree murder, unintentional murder, and second-degree manslaughter. Floyd’s neck was repeatedly pounded by him for nine minutes and 29 seconds, and the video went viral, broadcasting one of many senseless acts of brutality perpetrated by police. 

According to the judge, Chauvin’s prison term was reduced by the days spent behind bars before the sentencing announcement. Former police officer who was forced to register as predatory offender and is permanently prohibited from possessing a firearm or explosives has already served approximately 230 days in his 270-month sentence, which can be reduced to 15 years and parole if he keeps up good behavior. 

Besides allegations of unlawful use of force, Chauvin faces charges of failure to render medical aid to Floyd and civil rights violations. However, he is close to entering into a plea agreement that allows him to explain why he killed his victim and escape a life sentence, as well as serving his possible 20–25 year sentence concurrently. 

Mary Moriarty, former head public defender of Hennepin County, said, “If he went to trial and was convicted, the difference would be substantial compared to what he’d get if he pled guilty and expressed regret for his actions.” His decision to plead guilty in the federal case was influenced by Chauvin’s guilty verdict in Minneapolis. 


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