Justice sought by family of black man killed by a white security guard

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During an unannounced visit from the police, a Black real estate agent ended up handcuffed. 

According to a CNN report from Sunday (Aug. 8), police apprehended real estate professional Eric Brown, Roy Thorne and Thorne’s 15-year-old son, Samuel, in handcuffs on Aug. 1, when Brown was showing Thorne the house. The tour ended with Samuel noting that two police officers stood outside the house with their weapons drawn. 

Brown described the experience as one of “sheer terror”. The situation quickly escalated; Samuel noted. According to CNN, Samuel said he went from telling his father “I see cops outside” to telling him to come outside with his hands raised. “That was basically just from zero to one hundred.” 

In response to a call from a neighbor, officers discovered a person who had been arrested before for “unlawful entry” had returned to the area of the house Brown was touring. Apparently, the person had the same black Mercedes that was captured earlier. When police arrived at the scene, they found two Hyundai Genesis and three Chevrolet Malibues. Each vehicle was black. 

A body cam video captures the entire interaction between Brown, Thorne, and Samuel. Immediately after Brown’s real estate license was shown to the officers, Thorne and Samuel were handcuffed by police. After 10 minutes, the police apologized and uncuffed them. 

In the statement, officers concluded race had no bearing on how they treated those detained for a short period. Even though we regret that innocent individuals were put in handcuffs, our officers acted in a reasonable way and in accordance with department policy based on the information available to them at the time.” 

Despite police in Michigan saying race played no part in the incident, Brown believes this is an instance of racial profiling, and he says he is speaking to lawyers about legal action. 


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