A new video clip features Rah Swish as the “Trending Topic”

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It has been a little more than a week since Brooklyn’s Rah Swish unveiled his Mayor of the Streets project. It consists of 10 tracks and features from a small number of New Yorkers, including Leeky G Bando, Smokepurpp, Fetty Luciano, and Young Costomado. The Trackmasters provide production, along with local artists such as Jetz, Jbanga, etc. 

Opening bars from “Trending Topics” set the mood for an engaging song, and now fans can enjoy a visual accompaniment to it. While Rah delivers bars during the video, he appears in a bowling alley mobbing with his crew and a montage of pictures from social media of his life: 

In 2018, Canarsie rapper Rah Swish released his drill-fueled short film BK Belly, named after Hype Williams’ classic 1998 film that helped turn hip hop legends DMX and Nas into movie stars. BK Juice, the latest installment in the series, has just been released. Taking inspiration from a 1992 2Pac-starring classic, Rah Swish collaborates with fellow rapper and co-star Ron Suno for his follow up to Rah Swish. Poke and Tone, of the legendary Trackmasters duo, direct and produce Rah, a Brooklyn-based remake of the cult classic about self-centeredness, greed, and betrayal. 

The WOO Forever project was dropped by Rah Swish last year. As Rah Swish’s debut album, it included 11 songs featuring Jay Gwuapo and Curly Savv, and set the standard for how their future work would be. Recently, Rah had many single releases, including “A Year Ago,” “D&G,” and “Whatchu Like,” all featuring DreamDoll, as well as “Mop,” featuring DJ Drewski and Ron Suno. 


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