A Colorado Rockies fan yelled the N-word at a black Miami Marlins player, prompting an investigation

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In response to a racial slur heard by a Colorado Rockies fan hurling at a Black Miami Marlins player on Sunday (Aug. 8), the Rockies have launched an investigation. In Denver, Colorado, the incident occurred during a Rockies game against the Marlins at Coors Field. 

As ESPN reports, there was a fan who shouted the N-word multiple times while Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson was at bat, using microphones during the broadcast of Bally Sports Florida. At the end of the ninth inning of the game, there was a slur used toward Brinson after the second pitch was thrown. 

During the ninth inning of Monday’s game, Colorado Rockies players had the opportunity to hurl racial slurs at Marlins’ Lewis Brinson, who was a member of team. Although the subject of the incident was not identified before the end of the game, the Rockies are still investigating. 

“The Rockies have zero tolerance toward any kind of racism or discrimination, and will eject and ban any fan who utters derogatory language or makes any type of discrimination,” the statement said. 

As ESPN reported, ushers weren’t able to get into the area to eject the fan because a postgame concert was being held as part of Faith Day celebrations. Fans moved to the lower deck, which was about an hour after the game, to watch the concert, and ushers were unable to enter until the concert ended, which was about an hour after the game. 

Jason Latimer, a Marlins spokesman, told the Associated Press that neither Lewis nor anyone else on the field heard what was shouted. 

“We brought this issue to the attention of the Rockies. In terms of how they’re handling it, I’ll defer to them,” he wrote via text. 

In a statement, the executive director of the MLB Players Association Tony Clark said: “We must continue to work together to ensure racism is never tolerated on or off the field.”. There are many who are truly committed to racial equality, but the senseless act of racial animus demonstrated today implies there is still much wiggle room.” 

While Bronson hasn’t directly responded to the controversy, he did post a picture on Instagram with the caption, “Keep going.” Fans responded to the post’s comments with their support, apologizing for the errant fan’s actions. 



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